Game Jams / Misc

Note: These are some miscellaneous projects I'm particularly proud of. If you'd like to see any other samples, particularly of Unity projects I've worked on, please contact me at or on twitter @thing_stuff


My First Nuclear Reactor

  • A Pico-8 game inspired by WarioWare
  • You have to work out how to prevent the nuclear reactor from melting down
  • Made for the tinyTVjam hosted by @trasevol_dog

Levantera Arena

  • A GMS2 game made for the first Game Maker Studio 2 beta jam
  • Received an honorary mention 
  • Ties in to the universe of Levantera


Whatever You Can't Not Do

  • Twine story written for #resistjam
  • A story about love and protest
  • Music by @kattstrike

fetch quest.PNG

Fetch Quest Generator

  • Written in three days in Twine
  • Generates a standard-issue RPG Fetch Quest from a series of parameters selected by the player

Surprise Machine

  • Concrete prose generator made in Twine
  • Uses markov chains and randomisation to generate a bloc of near-gibberish
  • Intended to be used to provide a stimulus for song lyrics and the like

Road to Harajuku

  • Nonsensical Twine story about hallucinogenic paste and fine tailoring in a world of hypercrashed omegacapital

General prose