Levantera is the first project I worked on in partnership with Lasso Games. It is a heavily retro-influenced take on the metroidvania genre, set in a sun-drenched archipelago, featuring swashbuckling action, exploration and naval combat. The player takes on the role of the Captain, who inherits that title after the previous Captain of their ship is afflicted by a mysterious madness. The player must investigate the cause of this strange affliction and carve out a way of life for their ship's crew.

My role on this game involves both narrative oversight and general design work.  My first contribution to the project was to rework the main narrative arc of the game, after which I re-edited the opening, built some cities and made some levels. The next stage will be to write and build the ending. During this project, I have made extensive use of Game Maker Studio which has proved invaluable.


Levantera is still in active development, although my involvement with the project is on hold until miniLAW is complete.