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Top line

  • London-based games writer and narrative designer
  • Proficient with coding in C# and GML
  • MA (Distinction) in Creative Writing from Royal Holloway
  • 2+ years of experience in the industry
  • Worked on 3 major projects - miniLAW, Levantera and Robot Farm
  • Experience with tools including Unity, Game Maker, Twine, Pico-8 and Blender




I'm a writer and Narrative Designer based in London. Prior to my involvement with games, I was a novelist. In the summer of 2015, I received my MA  in Creative Writing from Royal Holloway, gaining a distinction. I had written two novels, but both projects needed substantial revision before they would be ready for publication. During my masters, I had become fascinated by interactive fiction, writing a dissertation in which I looked at the works of B.S. Johnson through the lens of IF. This dissertation has since been published by the B.S. Johnson Journal. After graduating, I began looking for a career that would marry my love of writing with my fascination for interactive narratives. This lead me inexorably towards game development.

My first substantial project as a games writer was a game called Robot Farm, developed by a US-based team who I connected with via reddit. This game required a great deal of prose and this was my first experience of producing many of the staples of games writing - item descriptions, incidental dialogue, cut scenes, NPC barks, character designs, et cetera. The final script was almost 300 pages long. The game is currently in post production.

At the same time, I became aware that writing skills in the games industry are far more valuable when married with some proficiency with code. During 2015-2016 I did several online courses in Unity, Game Maker and Pico-8. Game Maker has proved the most useful so far, because after finishing Robot Farm I became involved with another US-based studio called Lasso Games, which whom I enjoy an ongoing collaboration. Together, we have worked on two games - the NES-inspired Levantera and the Dystopian miniLAW. My role in these games involves both writing and development, and requires me to both plan and execute the narrative of the games, working closely with the rest of the development team.

In addition to these activities, I have also pursued a variety of minor projects in order to develop my skills. These are detailed on this page.