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miniLAW is developed by Lasso Games. It's a side-scrolling shooter set in the dystopian city of New Babel, the final bastion of humanity.  The player takes the role of a cybernetically  enhanced Constable, tasked with finding a bomb that has been hidden somewhere in the city. The player has 24 hours to find and defuse the bomb. miniLAW is inspired by the world of 2000AD and films such as RoboCop and Blade Runner.

I am the lead narrative designer and writer on this project. My main focus has been to realise the 'detective' portion of the game. The character of the Constable is both a combat specialist and an investigator, and one of the game's main features is a vintage-style telephone which can be used to contact many of the characters involved in the game's story. I designed and coded the systems that control the narrative. My challenge has been to find a variety of ways to use the telephone, as well as writing the majority of the dialogue in the game.


miniLAW is currently in active development and available to purchase via Steam early access. The project will likely be completed in late 2017 or early 2018.